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A little background…

Posted by Euroranger on August 20, 2009

Good morning!  Given this is the 2nd post for this blog and that I intend to do more (see yesterday’s reference to re-offending with a shiny new toy), I figure that some context is in order.

I’d prefer anonymity to a certain extent but there are those who will recognize the Euroranger name and know the person behind it.  To those people: I know where almost all of you live.

Remarkable how many pics on the intarwebz seem made for just me...

Remarkable how many pics on the intarwebz seem made with me in mind...

For the rest, I am about as typical in most regards as Wonder Bread.  Married white guy, early 40’s, 3 kids, mortgage, car payment, 2 dogs, house in the suburbs, gun owner, regular voter, employed (mostly) as a software developer.  I even wear glasses and nerdy t-shirts.  Snore-worthy, right?  Absolutely, and I like it like that.  That’s 9-5, M-F me.

On the other hand, there is Euroranger.  That guy never aged past 22, has defined views on pretty much every subject known and not yet known to man, is a online FPS gamer, likes to watch cartoons, has a warped sense of humor and almost never takes anything seriously outside of cheating/game hacks and access to top quality online pr0n.

Both of them will contribute to the online skidmark that will be this blog.

I think this is a good start to this effort…primarily because I don’t feel like writing a whole lot more.  However, I did want to address something that was on my mind as I drove to this office I find myself in today.

Where do you do your best thinking?  If you’re anything like me, the answer to that can be somewhat pausing to answer in a crowded room or in front of strangers.  Personally, I find that I do my best thinking in the shower.  I have been known to have brilliant insights into myriad vexatious issues that confront me everyday.  In the shower, whilst I make clean my formerly unclean parts, my mind is clear and incisive and exceptionally effective and sublime…in other words, all the things it tends not to be when anywhere outside the tub.  It doesn’t do this when it rains.  It doesn’t do it when I’m running about naked in the backyard.  No, it seems to require a combination of unclad freedom mixed with warm water streaming from a point source just inches above my head (and yeah, I DO know how that sounds as a matter of fact).

When most people hear running water it makes them wanna pee.  For me, it makes me think…and not about peeing.

Anyway, I had such a striking intellectual moment earlier this morning as I cleansed myself.  Naturally, I can’t recall that genius now that I’m sitting in an office doing something that only resembles work but is, in fact, just messing around.  I tried to recover the Nobel notion as I left the coffee shop and navigated over to this office…but just like trying to recall what dream it was that made you crazyglue yourself to the mattress the night before, the recollection just wouldn’t come.

Anyway, where do you do your best thinking?  Personally, a recording device in the shower would probably be a boon to me and, by extension, all mankind.  And by “recording device in the shower” I mean an overt one…one that everyone knows is there.  Not like that other one where the lens fogs up after only a few minutes.

My name is Euroranger and I approved this message.


One Response to “A little background…”

  1. Eddie said

    In the shower? You know for me it’s on the crapper, something about relieving waste product allowing fresh new thoughts to enter….

    Great to see this happen Euro!

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