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An outlet for my Tourette's-like thoughts (aka: you've been warned)

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About Euroranger

I’m a guy, living with my wife and 3 dogs watching my 3 kids and her 2 kids grow up to be good people.  I apply my years as a web application developer by working on sites and internet applications with ColdFusion, HTML, Javascript, CSS and a host of other minor technologies.  I’m a fairly competent database administrator and I own a small (and hopefully growing) business.

Whenever I’m either not working or working I can be found working (via contracts) or perhaps gaming online.  Whenever the lovely and talented Governess decrees that I’m to be absent from a computer, I can be found enjoying mastering the intricacies of slow cook barbecue, watching hockey, college football or Nascar (depending on the time of year), reading science fiction and generally striving (and even succeeding sometimes) to be a better husband and father.

I’ve lived in:

  • Tampa, Florida,
  • Lewisburg, West Virginia,
  • Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton Ontario Canada,
  • Bradenton, Florida,
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Woodstock, Georgia
  • I currently afflict the Spring, Texas area with my presence

Because I discuss politics, it’s probably a good idea to mention that I think of myself as a slightly right of center moderate.  That means that I tend to reject more taxation, support less government spending, prefer to see a return of personal responsibility and believe government ought not to be in the business of crafting or trying to influence social policy.

Those are all nifty, typically conservative notions, right?  Well, they won’t have me because I believe in a woman’s right to choose and believe that the current litmus test for determining viability as a Republican candidate that he/she has to kowtow to Christian evangelicals is disgusting, odious and entirely inappropriate.  I’m not on board with the whole Republican opposition to gay marriage although I’m equally repulsed by the left’s homosexual agenda of rejecting “civil unions” in favor of “gay marriage”.  I believe the difference is semantics but why go out of your way to try and hijack the word “marriage” if all it’s for is to piss others off?

And so as to be an equal opportunity pisser offer, for Democrats I dislike the blatant race-baiting, the disingenuous notion that “the rich” are the problem with our system and that they should be milked, I believe our borders should be locked down and illegal immigrants (not that pansy-ass “undocumented workers” phrase either) rounded up, charged with their crimes, prosecuted and deported…while at the same time vastly upping legal visa quotas to Mexico and Central America.  You want to come here, fill out the paperwork and get in line.

My political compass is almost as perfectly centered as one can get as illustrated by the graphed results of a common internet questionnaire:'s all mine

Yep, pretty much dead center

Oh, and just randomly:

  • I own 4 guns (2 pistols, 1 rifle, 1 shotgun) and am licensed to carry concealed but I’m not a member of the NRA
  • Believe in God but don’t regularly attend a church
  • Have a very keen and detailed awareness of America’s past (BA in History)
  • Think we don’t need a military that can wage two wars simultaneously but mostly because there are allies who don’t do enough to defend themselves and rely upon us to bail them out if the s**t hits the fan

19 Responses to “About Euroranger”

  1. am i the first one to take a look into your unarguably bland life’s account? mean while i’m throwing cash into the sky, pouring gold bottles on white women, and stomping on the homeless when the cops aren’t looking.

    • Euroranger said

      No, of course not. I don’t normally approve comments like yours…but since I’ll maybe forward them to your employer (after all, you left them on my site during company time, right?) I went ahead and approved them only modifying them by adding your real name, your work email and your employer’s URL. Because a digital marketing genius like you should take credit for their online activities.

      • you have reached impressive lows. Go ahead and try to contact Eric, or his employer, find out that your sub-human attack on him was unsubstantiated and pathetically low (you brought his son into it…wow). Hopefully you could get a defamation of character suit against you. So please…take your attack as far as you would like, but when you truthfully find out that this kid has had nothing to do with you, i hope you post an apology on your faggot little blog…

      • Euroranger said

        A post on my own blog…in response to your comments before the page was created…is an attack now? Wow. The progression of your comments is really telling, Eric.

        I can see that the prospect of my contacting your employer and inviting them to sample the greatness that is Eric Giroux when he thinks he’s anonymous bothers you. Bothers you to the point of desperation with these ridiculous claims of “that’s not me”. Of course it is and I’ll thank you to stop shoving that lame lie forward any more. I’m attacking nobody. I’m responding. There’s a difference.

        If I was as big a prick as you seem to be, I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning your employer…I’d have simply emailed and let the chips (all yours BTW) fall where they may. It’s clear that scares the everloving crap out of you but, lucky you, I’m not built that way.

        Everyone gets a learning moment, Eric. This is yours. Start learning.

      • …meanwhile i’m still performing “hobo stomps” in surrounding areas, and operating with impunity on the internet, as your rage has ousted you, and how pathetic and impulsive a sad 50-something year old can be. And while boasting about how simple it is to dig up a person’s identity, ironically have spent hours expounding on some astoundingly poor aim. Once again, i must reiterate, i am fly, and worth a fuck load of cheddary cheeses of differing sharpness…I got reams of loose leaf, you old piece of geriatric fecal discharge…so let me know if i can tear you off a few sheets.

      • Euroranger said

        So, was that cathartic for you? I hope so. It wasn’t impressive because I know who and what you are and do. Your claims of being something other than a young divorced father working as an account manager for a purveyor of automobile showroom websites is getting old. Who exactly do you believe you’re fooling with this? Me? Your continued arrogance and belief that by simply piling on denial after denial after insult after denial that this suddenly magically goes away is beginning to wear thin.

        Last chance, Mr. Giroux: you’re the guy who got us to this point. I’m sorry for you that you underestimated me and what I might do in response to your laughable little boy threats but that’s your problem and not mine. You’re compounding it with this flurry of posts, first pleading, then indignant and finally insulting. It’s a like a stream of consciousness exercise from a little kid who’s never been held to account for his actions…and now the mere threat that he might be reveals his depthless immaturity for all to bear witness to.

        Time to grow up and accept responsibility for your actions, Eric. Are these the words and actions you’ll be proud to claim “in the real world”? Do you REALLY need to have the worst happen to make you understand that you’re NOT the pinnacle of human existence? You cannot lie, bully, insult and denigrate your way out of this. Show up. Admit to what you’ve done. Take ownership of it. Proclaim the lesson you’ve learned from it. Apologize for it. I’m being exceptionally nice in the face of shit posts like this to not take this more public than this. That’s the last gift you can expect though. Pretend Jack was old enough to watch you embarrass yourself like this. Pretend your whole family is watching. Now, with that in mind, decide.

        Last chance kid. Make it count.

      • is there anyway you could just do what you claim you could do, solely for the purpose of somehow proving i am not who you think i am? It fucking eats at me, as a troll to know that you think you are right, when i know you are wrong…it’s fabulous for you, as ignorance is bliss.

  2. i might do some shit like…roll by with the top reclined in a car, you could call the 401k, because it’s worth more than the rest of your life, and have two or three of my bitches spit and laugh in your ugly over the hill face. and you would probably say some shit like, “thank you, young man – you are too kind.” Then your asthmatic lungs could take in that premium octane exhaust, as i literally and metaphorically leave your old ass in the dust…

  3. Hey, you psychotic pussy…just thought I’d pop in to see how pathetic you have got since earlier today….still barking up the wrong tree i see. Oh well, can’t expect much from a piece of shit, i suppose…

    shoot me a message when you get started on that apology post, you clearly stated you would write if you were wrong…i could throw a few pointers your way, you little Dick Tracy, you! Anywho…keep up the meaningless work, toward the depths of irrelevance…you may have just enough time to strip yourself of all meaning and legitimacy before your saggy man tits become too much for you pussy heart to hold, and you are left limply draped over your ergonomic keyboard with nothing to show for your life, except a horseshit blog that no one would gives a half fuck about.

    PS. I’m out here on my grind on this friday night….might throw some money at your daughter, and watch her make a fucking fool out herself in a god damned filthy johnny on the job.

    as always,
    Stay classy, you wretched faggot.

    • Euroranger said

      I see you either didn’t understand or didn’t believe my last post. Oh well. Chips falling where they may and all.

      Enjoy the lesson, kid.

  4. Sir Kingsley Benjamin said

    I was honestly taken aback by your harsh words Euroranger,and words cannot describe how much I hate your guts.But I disagree with what you said about me being a talentless hack in the last two messages.I’m in a first-rate college,I’m on my way to be a great success.I have my whole life ahead of me.You,on the other hand are nothing more than a shriveled-up shell of a man living in the middle of nowhere with your fat ugly wife and dimwitted kids.You are probably stuck in a dead end job(mail clerk,perhaps and to vent your frustration at a constant lack of promotion,maintain and update as sorry-ass blog illustrating nothing but political garbage and lawsuit results.

    So,fire back whatever you want to reply,call me whatever immaturity-directed insult you may for all I care,I’ll just delete without even reading it,and If I do,I’ll try to forget the harsh words in your cruel message.Once again,Thank you for your time to insult a poor struggling young artist.Good day,my evil vile man

    • Euroranger said

      Kid…I really don’t care which of your precious little feelings I hurt. I know where this came from and why you posted here. You can hate whatever you like but, honestly, it doesn’t change the fact that you are a talentless developer who is fundamentally lazy and seeks to get someone else to do his job. If you had any self respect whatsoever you’d have scrolled through the posts on that forum and seen several other similar beginning devs who did what you did and who were similarly chastised for their approach. Most of them, in stark contrast to you, decided to man up and actually try and learn something. THEY spent their time trying to do it themselves…not double down with their petulant entitled attitude and pen a post like yours. That you wasted the time it took to write this rather than actually, you know, LEARN how to do a job you’ve fraudulently claimed you already know how to do is enough to establish that my criticisms were not only accurate but solid.

      Seriously, you want to lie and take work from people who actually know how to do it? Go ahead. The people that hire you and pay you peanuts and get a handful of worthless crap code in return end up hiring me to do the work you were originally supposed to do but couldn’t…and I tend to charge them more for the distasteful necessity of wading through your crap code product. Keep going little fella…your lack of effort ensures my continued employment.

      • Sir Kingsley Benjamin said

        Wow your’re more of a dumbass than I took for,because if you haven’t guessed it by now,I’m Morgan, not your old “friend” Eric Giroux(who,quite frankly,should have hunted you down by now for the “pleasant” past commentary between you two ).I’m the one who you said my mother shat me out on some doorstep and I never met my father.I don’t know what compelled you to write such insidious lies,but I have TWO parents who love me very much.And your whole insult fest,if you think about,started when you outright dressed me down over comment made a bloody YEAR ago over the inefficiency of our national rail system.Honestly you could’ve just replied with a much nicer message than “so fuck you right back”, but you made it clear from that post you made denoting Obama that you’re nothing more than a sorry excuse for a bigoted,biased blogger.

        So kindly back off,because,for now I’ve got MUCH better things to do than waste time on a disrespectful fossil such as your self.

      • Sir Kingsley Benjamin said

        FYI dumbass, it’s me, Morgan not your “friend” Eric,if your senile shriveled-up brain hasn’t figured it out.

      • Euroranger said

        Yes, kid, I get it. You’re still all butt hurt about about your hurt feelings from…what was it now?…May of 2015? LOL! Good grief, you talentless little hack, don’t you have anything better to do than periodically come back here and check to see if I noticed you? Listen, not to unintentionally piss on your parade (because, you know, I prefer to intentionally do some things), you and your little fist shaking tantrum were so forgettable that I…well…forgot what the hell it was you were so charged up about in the first place. I literally had to go back and figure out what has your tiny little sac all twisted in knots because I couldn’t recall you. You make THAT much of an impression, sport.

        Anyway, welcome back (I guess). I regretfully have to inform you that while my opinion of you has changed, it hasn’t done so for the better. Santa Monica CC will one day figure out that you’re out there trying to skirt ACTUALLY learning the crap your mommy and daddy are paying them to try and teach you (side note: bwahahahahahaaa!!! Good luck with that SMCC!!!) and they’ll whack you for plagiarism and hopefully boot your useless ass out of school so you can return to upsizing everyone’s meal like the universe pretty much has you pigeonholed to do as your most useful possible contribution. Until then, I’m fairly sure you’re not brave enough to be this repellent or publicly stupid (although, Good lord knows, I could definitely be wrong about that second one) in person…so, congrats on letting that sort of nasty streak out here, I suppose. Good to know your limitations.

        Feel free to leave further comments and I’ll get around to not ignoring them hopefully quicker than the 2 and 5 months I just recently demonstrated. Sorry, but I kind of have a life and I’m pretty certain entertaining cretins like you is only something I do when I volunteer for community work…not on my blog. But hey, have it maestro. Your particular brand of spittle-inflected ranting is entertaining as all get out.

      • Wow. Sorry. I didn’t mean any of that.

      • Euroranger said

        So, this will conclude your metaphoric, never ending tantrum for someone slapping you down for asking someone else to do your homework, you lazy little boy? Good, I suppose.

        I will miss that pervading Axe Body Spray scent of entitlement that seems to surround you…but not really. As for your autism, you have a lot of nerve, kid. I personally know two actually autistic kids and neither one of them uses their disability as an excuse to be lazy and/or a cheat…so eff you and your pathetic attempt for sympathy for your lack of personal integrity.

        I’m actually a fairly nice man. Live and let live kind of person…but not for air sucking, wastes of skin like you. Santa Monica Community College or your pretend enrollment at Harvard…I don’t give a single atom of crap whatsoever…you are the kind of person I WILL privately smile about when I hear how badly you’ve managed to fail at life. A “talented young man” doesn’t ask other people to do simple tasks for them so they can falsely get ahead. You did that. That marks you out as the kind of person every decent person is okay with seeing fail and fall in life.

        Since this is your goodbye, do us all a favor and just go ahead and swear an oath not to breed (although, I suspect, you don’t need any help in the “avoid the opposite sex” event). Nobody needs you and your particular genetic stain from spreading any further. You are exactly what is wrong with your generation and our society in general. Just go off somewhere, tell yourself how special you are…and expire in due course.

  5. Hmmmmm said

    Hello. Are you aware your not even remotely anonymous and extremely easy to find?


    • Euroranger said

      Hi. Are you aware that I’m not trying to be anonymous nor difficult to locate? Did you have a point to make? Will you make it?

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